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Grabflies Mission Statement - to sell quality Steelhead flies, fly tying supplies, and fishing gear that catch Steelhead, and Salmon. It's all the about the swing of the fly, and it does matter what is on the end of your line.

Steelhead fly design has changed drastically in the past ten years. Grabflies has the newest and greatest flies for Steelhead and Salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia - BC fishery, and the Great Lakes. Maximize your chances of catching fish with better flies.

World Record Steelhead, Possible

I met Dr. Michael Kenyon, last summer on the Skeena River, BC. I actually first met his friend who said that his buddy had caught a 48 inch Steelhead on the river last summer. I didn't believe him, then I met Dr. Mike, and he showed me photos on his phone on the river's bank. I believe him NOW! (Super Huge - possible World Record)

Dr. Mike's 48 inch Steelhead Buck, Skeena River, BC, lying next to 3-piece 10wt Sage Rod (butt sections of rod are further apart).(Dr. Michael Kenyon) (See More - Click Here)

Infinitii Swivel Sink Tips

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Steelhead Photos

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Steelhead Videos

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